Anuka tackles real time issues on "My Money"

Singer/songwriter and producer Anuka follows up her previous release, "Open Invitation," with a rousing single titled "My Money." Backed by synth-heavy and vibrant production, she shares a familiar tale of how creatives get shortchanged in the industry with "exposure money," but she is not having that and demands what she is owed because exposure can and will not pay the bills.

Compared to the mellow aesthetic of  "Open Invitation," "My Money" goes in a slightly different route as the Danish singer brings a more energetic demeanor to the front with an edgy contemporary pop sound and a chant-like hook to get the message across to those at the far back. The track was birthed out of the economic effects of the pandemic that has affected a lot of us and Anuka shares her frustrations the best way she knows how and dedicates it to her fellow artists, the technicians, the engineers, the festival curators, the hosts, the producers, the songwriters, and everyone else facing unhealthy socio-economic differences within this industry. 

Anuka also talks about this new movement called unmute-us which is made up of creatives from different backgrounds who have taken to the streets to protest the lack of governmental support and double standards being used in the event industry. While Covid immensely impacted artists who rely mainly on live performance, it sure also affects those who work behind the scenes such as Anuka who is also a songwriter and producer.

Get "My Money" on SoundCloud, Deezer.

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