Rivita presents an empowerment and self-discovery “In The Mirror” [Premiere]

Rivita has released a new single, “In The Mirror,” a bold declaration of self-love and empowerment inspired by Rivita’s experiences as a woman. The track delivers a resounding message of self-affirmation over societal expectations, an anthem for those who uphold their identity.

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The song’s creation involved a global collaboration between Rivita, guitarist Vitaliy Tkachuk from Ukraine, and bassist Bruno Migliari from Brazil through the online platform Musiversal. Natalie Bibby masters the track at the prestigious Metropolis Studio in London, adding sonic richness to Rivita’s artistry.

The accompanying music video is visually captivating, created with LA-based photographer and videographer Alissa Wyle. Drawing inspiration from childhood tales, the video mirrors the song’s enchanting essence, adding a visual layer to Rivita’s musical narrative.

Rivita’s release of “In The Mirror” reaffirms her status as an artist who is not afraid to explore beyond the ordinary, creating an immersive experience that transcends the boundaries of music.

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