REAPER’s ‘RENEGADE’ EP is a kaleidoscopic display of bass sounds

DnB continues making a comeback to the American music scene might be one of the most exciting things in 2020 for the electronic music community. Shrouded in mystery, American bass act REAPER has delivered a hard-hitting four-track EP to add fuel to that fire, pulling in more ears to the 2-step culture in the states. 

“The ‘RENEGADE’ EP is a story of uprising and rebellion. These are the sounds of aggression, swagger, and triumph involved in the defection from an evil machine-led government. The Renegades fight for those who are slaves to the tyrannical regime,” REAPER comments on the backstory of this EP in a press release.

The first track, “HEATSEEKER,” in this EP embodies the message with a machine-like sound. While the first drop features a relatively relaxed rhythm, the track quickly switches into full-on DnB flavor, providing guttural low-end eruptions. Following up, “BARRICADE” is where industrialism meets futurism. Avant-garde sound design bursting with lush textures is elevated by the underlying sweeping sci-fi motifs. Absolutely the highlight track of the EP. “RAVEPUNK” and “HEADHUNTER” both showcase a lurching sense of dread with their pulsing layers of sub and rocket fuel basslines. 

As for the purpose of this EP, REAPER shared, “(is) to serve as a reminder that individuality and freedom is always worth fighting for—even when it means standing up to threatening adversaries.” A good EP requires a coherent narrative and a matching sonic flair – this EP surely has both of them.

Stream/purchase the EP here.

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