Romania’s Bia Khalifa shares infectious single “REGELE MEU”

Bia Khalifa has shared a new single, titled “REGELE MEU”. Born in Romania but raised in Italy and Spain, the artist continues to help shape the music scene of the Balkans and break down the boundaries of tradition in the process. Khalifa describes her lyrics as “extreme” compared to what people are used to seeing and hearing and has tailored them according to her personality and lifestyle. “I write everything I sing,” she explains. “My lyrics are not usual. I sing about things that are new and different in Romania.” Her latest, “REGELE MEU” is a hard-hitting track that utilizes grand, expansive keys and cathartic, drill-inspired drums to create a powerful backdrop for her melodious hip-hop delivery.

“REGELE MEU” combines ethereal keys with a raw, heavy rhythm section for an intriguing contrast, pairing cohesively with Khalifa’s forceful vocals. She combines melodious inflections with a sharp rap delivery neatly, riding the potent grooves of “REGELE MEU” with ease. Capped off by a memorable hook, “REGELE MEU” presents an infectious, engaging drill-laced release from Khalifa.

The latest from Bia Khalifa, “REGELE MEU” continues to build upon her menacingly atmospheric sound for a gritty new banger.

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