Rutherford Royal explores the noise of life in “Lords & Ladies”

Nashville based producer and singer/songwriter Rutherford Royal has just unveiled his second single from his forthcoming debut EP. Entitled “Lords & Ladie,” the track follows “Back Burner” released in October.

“Lords & Ladies” is a contemplation of long lost love. The existential single is a narration of a boy trying to come to terms with his first heartbreak and his feelings towards relationships in general. Rutherford Royal confides, “He speculates that all lovers are wandering, lost, attempting to find their way to someone meaningful through the noise of life.”

With lyrics including “while I miss you all morning / the world overturning like a trip / lovers all wander / searching for a sign that their loving ain’t in vein,” Rutherford Royal paints a melancholic picture of the dark sides of falling in love and the hurt that can occur when things don’t work out. Musically, “Lords & Ladies” features intricate bright guitar riffs over fuzzy rhythm guitars for a decadent indie rock tune. Americana-drenched warm vocals sing reflective infectious melodies hanging over dreamy soundscapes for an enthralling listen.

Rutherford Royal is the debut music solo project of Andrew Christopher Rutherford Royal. Growing up in the barrier islands of South Carolina, Rutherford Royal draws inspiration from his past and the nature of the eastern South. He is also known as half of funk pop duo Poster Child and can often be found in his remote cabin home studio mixing and producing other unique artists. Check out “Lords & Ladies” now and follow Rutherford Royal on Instagram to keep up to date with his upcoming releases.

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