Sadat X, Jay Worthy and Khrysis remind us that “Everyone Has A Story”

The legendary Wild Cowboy Sadat X(of Brand Nubian fame) is gearing up to drop his new LP F.N.T.G, but in the interim, he shares the second single “Everyone Has A Story”. The chilled record produced by veteran producer Khrysis , makes use of a classic jazz sample made up of chopped horns, warm nostalgic textures, and mellow drum grooves to match.

It starts off with a vocal sample from the classic Eddie Murphy flick Trading Places and the real fun begins when the soothing horns hit alongside Bompton native Jay Worthy‘s vivid lyricism that details his days on the block hustling to survive.

This is followed by Khrysis who takes us back to his younger days as a budding producer making his bones in the game and even reminds us that he wasn’t even supposed to rhyme but he just couldn’t resist putting his thoughts on wax. The OG Sadat X closes it out with his off-beat cadence and a wild story about deceptive ladies and guys who are not focused on their true purpose.

The second leak from Sadat X’s forthcoming  LP F.N.T.G. from Dough Networkz (Osbe Chill, TF).

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