Serena Ittoo ponders the future of a relationship in “So Blue”

British singer-songwriter Serena Ittoo has just unveiled her beautifully somber new single, “So Blue” providing a soundtrack for those who may be pondering their questionable relationship. The raw and emotional song depicts the story of one person yearning for their feelings to be reciprocated by the other, while fearing that their time together may be coming to an end. 

Built upon a soul/pop soundscape, “So Blue” is injected with a Jazz tinge, resulting in a hypnotic and vibey release. Ittoo’s silky, soulful vocals glide over a head-bopping beat, twinkling piano and quirky harmony embellishments, as the artist chants, “If fear of losing is all I have, I best go find my new blue.”

Using her songwriting as a way to document human experiences in an honest and relatable way, “So Blue” is both comforting and painfully vulnerable.

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