Ships Have Sailed reminds us to release ourselves from inner turmoil with new single “Breathe”

Los Angeles-based pop outfit Ships Have Sailed examines the baggage that consumes us in their latest single “Breathe.”  Detailing the skeletons in our closet, this haunting track draws listeners in with its gentle, clicking beats and deeply passionate vocals. 

Of the new single, vocalist and guitarist Will Carpenter shares in a statement, “Breathe’ is the exploration of what our traumas and our inner demons can do to us over time…how they can isolate us from those we need the most, and how they ultimately have the potential to be our biggest downfall.”  This airy pop-rock ballad shines with electric guitars and dream-like percussion. The atmospheric sounds display a soothing warmth, capturing a feeling of letting out a sigh of relief.

Ships Have Sailed is a reference to the popular saying “that ship has sailed”, but the group has instead taken that adage and given it a more positive spin. Carpenter grew up in a small town in Vermont and was kicked out of the house in his teens so that motto kept him going. The hardships in his life only fueled his musical aspirations further, using his adversity as inspiration for his powerful offerings. Though 2020 was a difficult time for all of us, he still found himself flooded with creativity and “Breathe,” is a great example of that renewed inventiveness come to life. Check out the stirring single now.

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