Simen Mitlid soothes you into the weekend with “Five Hundred Days”

The talented Norwegian singer/songwriter Simen Mitlid today releases a soothing indie folk track, “Five Hundred Days”. Centered around a gorgeous and emotive acoustic guitar backing, Simen’s soft vocals are complemented by a female harmony throughout. 

As the second single from his new album, the subtle track offers sweet instrumentation, filled with acoustic guitar plucked rhythms, ukulele, strings and a double bass. Each takes us on a journey, depicting sparse landscapes, perhaps fields in the sun. 

The forthcoming album, titled Fredsvenn, promises an exploration of diverse experiences, all presented with his gentle voice and intricately woven instrumentals.

Speaking on the single, Simen explains: “In ‘Five Hundred Days,’ I reflect on

my sense of nostalgia and longing for a time that’s passed, while contemplating the dual nature of memories – that they can be both painful and beautiful at the same time” 

Simen Mitlid comments on the forthcoming album and his creative process, stating: “Fredsvenn” is a collection of songs that I wrote inadvertently. However, I gradually noticed that they revolved in the same universe and around the same themes. Early on, I decided to arrange the songs as simply as possible, preferably not at all, except for the last track, which serves as a protest against the modest arrangement and withdrawn presence of the rest of the nine songs.” 

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