Simina Grigoriu binds us into her despotic spell of ‘Infinitrix’

Techno is but an unwavering bind of swirling despotism and enigma, and no better is it shown than in Infinitrix. Released via Set About, the brand new two-part EP from Berlin-based producer, DJ and Kuukou Recordings label head Simina Grigoriu, is an opus to Berlin’s dance roots and a testament of her veritable mastery.

The twisted acidity of title track “Infinitrix” opens with incessant vigour, showcasing Grigoriu’s formidable take on warehouse signatures. There’s a deeply hedonistic sense of life pumping through the industrial synths, feeling into the pounding kicks for an intense peak time journey that is both unrelenting and spellbinding. In “Spitfire”, the label head cements us into a bewitching four minutes of unremitting bass and frenetic samples. Characterized by its carefully modulated beats, it’s the enticing way the track delves into more inorganic hats at the end that deftly proves why she’s a master of the craft—and why we’re keeping our eyes on her.

Romanian-born, Toronto-bred Simina Grigoriu has been steadily racking up accolades during her decade-long career. Starting off as a DJ before making the transition to being a producer, Grigoriu has also kicked off her own label Kuukou—a home for techno-forward productions. She continues to release both on Kuukou while working on remixes and collaborations for numerous techno labels in parallel. 

Buy/stream Infinitrix here.

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