Siobhán Winifred drops warm and emotive track “Sober”

Emerging alt-pop talent Siobhán Winifred drops warm production “Sober,” rooted in the strength of her rich yet soaring vocals resting over an expansive and layered production that zeroes in on the seamlessly combination of thoughtful lyricism and enticing artistry.

Having established her trademark of atmospheric soundscape, framed by electronic beats and her hypnotic voice, Winifred has mastered the ability to make us feel a range of emotions from tinges of sadness to exuberant joy within her luscious sonic world.

The Dorset-raised, London-based talent who has drawn from various influences such as Rufus Wainwright, Leonard Cohen, and Alex Turner, from a young age has continued to hone her diverse musicality as she makes confident strides to becoming an act that music lovers everywhere are set to connect with and celebrate.

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