Black Skywalker delivers his new project “I Need Therapy” (EP)

Emerging rap artist Black Skywalker is upholding the modern Jedi mantle with his brand of insightful, expressive and as he calls it Outer-space Jedi Level raps. His debut EP I Need Therapy, is a 5 track body of work that touches on a variety of topics ranging from internal struggles, heartbreak, the adverse effects of social media and porn consumption and self-denial amongst other socially conscious themes. The project sees him recruiting producer Chris Rosa, to help out with co-production duties as well.

The opening track “Pills and Alcohol” is a dark and moody piece that dives deep into the mind of a man under the influence. Using uncontrolled substances to drown out his depression, we see how his perspective keeps warping to almost a point of no return. Over the thumping 808-driven groove and cinematic synths, Black Skywalker drops audiences in the middle of the drama with lines like “Feels like a mental prison/Feels like there’s no escaping/My brain’s racing like a bullet train/drowsing alcohol to kill the pain”. This is followed by “We in Love” a heartfelt and insightful piece that explores flawed a relationship that withers due to social media influences, porn addiction and the unquenchable need for external validation. Here Skywalker leads us into the dark side of a toxic relationship battered on all sides with external factors.

On “Pain of Letting Go”, the production switches into an experimental and rock-infused R&B territory with rich electric guitar licks, atmospheric synths and dark R&B elements with sparse but punchy downtempo drums. Skywalker also employs a melodic approach to share his pain on wax. He doesn’t mince his words and pleads to his ex to give him another chance. This leads to the melancholic tune “Therapy” which explores his journey towards therapy. Backed by the atmospheric and gloomy soundscape, Skywalker walks us through the different stages of his recovery process. From acknowledging his demons, the identifying the underlying issues and taking steps to seek proper therapy. The track has a moody but pacing drum groove that alludes to Skywalker’s mind racing as he proceeds to get better. The final track “Slide with Me” is introduced by a bright synth slide and scenic production with pop-infused textures and grooves. It serves as a form of celebration and renewal of his spirit as he finds new love with a special someone who warms his heart.

I Need Therapy, is a short and easy-to-follow body of work that takes audiences from a gloomy starting point and resolves the tension with a happy ending. It’s not often we get these types of short, concise projects that have connecting tracks and relatable themes so this one is something you should add to your playlist.

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