SLMN releases new tropical track “Where Did You Go”

SLMN is bringing the heat for the summer with his new track “Where Did You Go.” Though he’s only be put out for the past two years, his time in the game stretches back even further. With his work behind the boards, SLMN garnered himself a deal with Sony and has produced chart-topping records with artists like Mariah Carey.

Once he made the decision to develop himself behind the mic, his career elevated even more. He’s already has a successful project under his belt (Late Bloomer), along with placements on songs with various notable acts (Roy Wood$, Russ, etc.) Now, he has his eyes set on becoming one of the latest artists to watch out for out of Toronto.

His good ear for beats definitely comes out alive on his latest upbeat jam “Where Did You Go.” The multi-faceted singer coasts across the island-style production as he confronts his distant lover. Kvn Rose comes in also to deliver an enjoyable verse of his own.

As both artists go back and forth, the colorful melodies on here takes you away and makes you want to dance. The track is different from the nocturnal sound and still, the change in sound pays off big. “Where Did You Go,” is bound to become one of his early standout selections within his discography. 

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