Smino talks Roots Picnic, upcoming music, and more [Interview]

When it comes to the Roots Picnic, few artists compliment the event and its essence quite like Smino. When digging into his discography, it seems like his music is tailor-made for fans of the Philly festival. As thousands gathered under the pavilion to see the St. Louis native perform, anticipation and fanfare became harder to ignore. During his exclusive EARMILK interview, he said that he jumped onstage immediately after getting through road traffic, even still rocking his pink eye masks seamlessly matching his fit. But by the time he started his performance with “KLINK”, he felt right at home once he got to feel the crowd’s energy.

“[It’s] real black… it’s love man, it feels like a family reunion out here.”

The deeper the “Louphoria” lyricist went into his setlist, the more the audience began to become alive, following his every line and harmony with ease. The crowd’s attention was unwavering as Smino went through his latest hits like “No L’s” and “I Deserve,” as well as cult classics like “Wild Irish Roses.” The feel-good connection that the rapper shares with the crowd is one that comes courtesy of his own approach to making music.

“I like [music] that’s warm and round… when I hear it, it sounds warm and like a hug. And I like my drums to go crazy… because no matter what you say, it’s going to sound profound.”

For Smino fans, more hugs for the eardrums are coming soon. Now having a chance to restructure his own brands and signing a new indie deal, he says that he’s locked in on releasing more music. The first release being “Polynesian”, his forthcoming that drops this Friday. As a thank you to supporters, he also confirms he will drop a restock of his popular Zero Fatigue “Silk Pillow” hoodies with the song.

“I know a lot of people like to think that I don’t like to drop music a lot. But I like to do my business and have my business right. But now… silk hoodies [and] new music, all that at once.”

Watch the full interview with Smino at the Roots Picnic below as he discusses new music, best Chinese food in St. Louis, and more:

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