Sophia Stephens drops a new EP “Remnantal”

Sophia Stephens released her latest creation, the “Remnantal” EP. This collection of four beautiful tracks demonstrates Sophia’s passion for music and her dedication to her craft. Her father is her biggest supporter, and he helped guide her artistic vision for this EP.

The first track, “Shadowlit,” is a moving composition that explores the complexities of life. The second track, “Submerge,” is an immersive experience reflecting existence’s ebb and flow. The EP ends with “Familiar,” a song that captures the essence of shared human experiences. All in all, “Remnantal” is an emotional journey that lasts just over 15 minutes.

Sophia’s father wants to amplify her talent, not make money from her music. He’s proud of her and hopes this EP will help her reach even more people. Sophia plans to continue her musical education in college, where she’ll learn about both music and business.

“Remnantal” is more than just a collection of songs. It’s a piece of Sophia’s heart that she’s sharing with the world. So join us on this musical journey and let Sophia’s melodies wash over you.

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