Float Therapy unintentionally pays homage to Weekend at Bernie’s in “Gaffer Tape” [Video]

Float Therapy is the moniker of 19-year-old musician Padraig Wilson. In fact, he also happens to write and record all the instruments himself. Float Therapy is a relatively new artist with a whole lot to say and he only recently released his first single “Gaffer Tape”- an intense, solid anthem that takes inspiration from the perspective of some kind of murdering psychopathic character, like some sort of American Psycho. Although, Float Therapy is more than just an artist that likes to use his music as an outlet for discovery.

“Gaffer Tape” is a song that was drawn out over a long period of time and there were intense spikes of creativity and productivity amongst periods of stagnancy. The actual story of the video proves to be the most exciting part, as this is one of the first songs Float Therapy had written from start to finish in his career, and getting the initial creative burst out seems special.

The music video opens with the character played by Float Therapy himself, asking his girlfriend if she has seen his gaffer tape. They walk to a cupboard where she thinks it is kept, and as she is rummaging around on the top shelf, drops a spanner on his head and kills him. She then realises the scene looks like a murder, and so spends the rest of the video attempting to dispose of the body, only for him to finally wake up at the end from the unconscious state he was in the entire time.

Fans of bands like Queens of the Stone Age and Royal Blood are going to adore “Gaffer Tape”, as it goes from 0 to 100 in an instant, as the video shows above; judgment is everything when it comes to taking things too far, just as the main character unintentional partakes in a tribute to Weekend at Bernie’s before a true test of self-judgment begins.

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