Sophie Kilburn digs into rebuilding your life post heartbreak on ‘Not Bitter, Just Bored’

Derbyshire-born, London-based musician Sophie Kilburn explores rebuilding your life after heartache on intimate and honest EP Not Bitter, Just Bored. A five-track collection detailing the stages of overcoming heartbreak from the initial feelings of being overwhelmed by pain to rediscovering your self-worth and confidence.

From lead single “Love Condition,” with its blend of warm synths and punchy percussion, the grungy touches of “Afterthought,” to the  powerful, no-nonsense anthem “20%” and the heartfelt vulnerability of “After The End,” delving into the loss of her mum, the EP is ebbs and flows led by Kilburn’s haunting vocal lines offset by luscious and infectious pop melodies.

After a string of successful singles, Sophie Kilburn blossoms to her full potential as an emotive talent on this latest production, honing in on her penchant for turning traumas into relatable tales that are as vulnerable as they are empowering.

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