Stepping into Jazz heaven with Taydem Shoesmith’s “This, That” [Video]

Iowa, a state mainly known for its cornfields and agriculture, is now birthing a new star in the jazz scene: singer, songwriter, and actress Taydem Shoesmith. This is a woman whose talent has the potential to redefine the jazz landscape with her distinctive fusion of styles. The proof is in her latest jazz single, “This, That,” released under MTS Records on November 5. This is not just another jazz tune—it’s a nuanced sonic journey that showcases Taydem’s mastery in blending sultry vocals with sensational instrumentation. It’s Taydem Shoesmith stepping up the game, shaking the jazz scene, and proving to the world that jazz is far from being old-fashioned—it’s as fresh and captivating as ever.

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The first bars of “This, That” are a warm welcome into Taydem’s unique musical universe. The track begins with rippling horns that set an evocative stage for Taydem’s entrance. Each note cascades into the next, creating a sensational prelude that will give you goosebumps. Caleb Ostermann, who produced the track at ForteStudios, certainly knew what he was doing. The production is as flawless as a cut diamond, with every sound, every instrument placed precisely where it needs to be to create an immersive musical experience.

Taydem’s voice is the soul of “This, That.” It’s not merely her vocal prowess that impresses—it’s the emotional depth that she brings to every note she sings. Her voice possesses a rare combination of softness and richness, enveloping listeners in a luscious sonic landscape. With her sleek and slithering delivery, Taydem adds an air of mystery to her performance. She controls her vocals like a maestro conductor, making every note a tantalizing exploration perfect for the jazzy genre.

In comparison to her chart-topping electro-pop debut single “Are You Clapping?” Taydem Shoesmith shows an impressive versatility in “This, That.” Moving from the upbeat, electronic-infused dance beats to the sultry and sophisticated jazz sounds is no easy task, but Taydem seamlessly traverses these music genres with skill and grace. The proof? “This, That” has already captivated thousands of listeners, further solidifying Taydem’s reputation as an emerging talent to watch.

In “This, That,” Taydem took this fusion to another level. The song started as a theme song for a 1920s-inspired silent film project for a friend who was an actor and director. The project propelled Taydem into her foray into jazz and allowed her to create her first jazz masterpiece.

Taydem Shoesmith’s “This, That” is more than a jazz tune—it’s a statement. It’s Taydem asserting her place in the jazz scene with her distinctive blend of sultry vocals and sensational instrumentation. The song’s production value, Taydem’s vocal performance, and her unique fusion of jazz styles have all come together to create a jazz masterpiece.

In a world where music genres are continually evolving and blending, Taydem Shoesmith stands out. She is a singer, songwriter, and actress who is not afraid to experiment with music, to push boundaries, and to bring something new to the table. With “This, That,” she has shown that jazz music, while deeply rooted in tradition, can be fresh, modern, and captivating.

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