Point Blank L.A announces new Acting On Screen school program

Point Blank Music School, a leading institution in music education, has announced its new Acting On Screen program, which will be offered at its Hollywood campus starting this year. This program will offer students a diverse and in-depth curriculum on the fundamentals of acting and the film industry, spearheaded by British actor Adam Levy, known for his notable roles in popular shows such as The Witcher and Knightfall.

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The Acting On Screen course will provide students with access to Point Blank’s Content Creation Studio and Project Studios, where they can film their auditions or scenes. The program will also offer support from faculty and staff, resources within their Virtual Learning Environment, and student advisement sessions with their Student Services Advisor.

The program aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of acting, from breakdown scripts to the art of inhabiting characters with confidence and emotion. Additionally, students will learn practical techniques for handling on-set and on-camera situations, how to behave in working environments, and the roles of various individuals involved in productions.

You can find out more on the Point Blank acting school site here

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