Sumi X shares deeply personal new single “Butterflies”

Rising pop artist Sumi X has just unleashed her latest intoxicating single. Entitled “Butterflies”, the song is the first of the year from this new singer/songwriter who shared a handful of singles last year.

“Butterflies” is a deeply raw and honest journey through Sumi X’s mental health struggles and path towards sobriety. The track also touches upon the loneliness and isolation that perils much of society and Sumi X’s own feelings of aloneness. Lyrics including, “Take a break from my mind / Room with lonely bodies / Hoping for a party / Wish it made me happy,” show how intense the issues can run, and how these type of feelings can make us miserable. Sonically, “Butterflies” features dark-hued synths and beautifully melodic soaring melodies. Sumi X’s soul-baring vocals sing effortlessly with listeners being able to take comfort in the artist’s own journey of healing.

Sumi X is a creative power like no other. The artist was born in Pittsburgh, PA and as a teenager studied the trumpet and Jazz vocals. As an adult, she found herself a successful career in tech but knew she wanted more. Now based in LA, the creator began sharing her expressive music to the world in 2023 to critic and fan acclaim. Take a listen to “Butterflies” now and remember if you are struggling, you are not alone.

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