Talia Arose finds the gift within with “Unwrap My Feet”

Gospel electro pop singer/songwriter Talia Arose has just shared her latest single. Entitled “Unwrap My Feet”, the song follows her 2022 release of the single “EAT”. The London born and bred artist found inspiration for her new music by moving to the city of Paris and the beautiful landscape as well as the culture of artistic experimentation found there.

With “Unwrap My Feet”, Talia Arose has penned a poetic song all about giving thanks and prayer for a season of creativity. The track also discusses the many gifts we can find within ourselves and how important it is to open ourselves up to the divine and our own self love. Lyrics showing this theme include “Trying hard to find a one to oneness / That come and love me from inside out.” Musically, “Unwrap My Feet” is a kaleidoscopic sonic reverie complete with bouncy beats, colorful synths and Talia’s captivating vocals. Funky basslines and R&B drenched melodies are also highlights to this unique and enjoyable song.

Talia Arose aims to help people find love and light through her Gospel-drenched electronic pop musical releases. Growing up with an English father and a Colombian mother in London, the artist has been influenced by a myriad of genres including salsa, cumnia, psychedelic folk, rock and 90’s R&B. Her own music carries these unique influences and also taps into her strong spirituality. Check out “Unwrap My Feet” now and give thanks.

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