Myles Cameron paints the world blue on 'Black Boys Look Blue'

After releasing a strong run of leadup singles, Myles Cameron finally unveils his third and final EP Black Boys Look Blue today, his most thorough and accessible body of work yet in his young career.

From the frantic opening notes of "The Blue," you can tell the project is different from Cameron's previous work.  Frankie Scoca's tense and cinematic production sets the tone for a disarming rollercoaster of conflicting emotions that perfectly encapsulates the experience of being a young adult in the rocky post-covid climate.  Visually inspired by 'Moonlight', the project juxtaposes calming summer love and vibes set against the turbulent backdrop of racial injustice in America.  "Who am I to you, America" Cameron asks on the powerful concluding track "Enter The Blue," a track that bitingly acknowledges the differential treatment among races that still exists in this country.  It's a project that doesn't shy away from these grandiose issues while never beating the listener over the head with them.  Subtle and still extremely powerful, that's the magic of Myles Cameron working on all fronts.   

Cameron had to say of the project, “Black Boys Look Blue is about breaking free. It’s my most fully realized body of work. It’s the sound of 'I’m ready to do this for real. I’m a professional artist, now give me my money so I can take this to the moon.'”  It's a confident statement coming from an artist who absolutely should have all the confidence in the world after consistently winning over fans since 2018.  

Closing in on 2 years since his Black Sheep EP released, Cameron has clearly spent his time wisely.  Even more sonically mature than before, the storytelling and subtle nods to the eminently screwed up time in which we live are what make the project pop as well as what make Cameron a generational singer and songwriter.  With less than a two year wait for his next project, it's high time to sit back and enjoy the gorgeous piece of indie R&B that we've been gifted.  

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