Tay Spades and Sha Ek connect for hard-hitting single “Schemin”

Queens artist Tay Spades has linked with buzzing Bronx artist Sha EK for a new single, titled “Schemin”. Following up releases like “Add It Up” and the EP Two Heavy that built Spades’ momentum within his home borough of Queens as well as beyond, “Schemin” finds him drawing influence from East Coast hip-hop sonics, trap, and drill while displaying an electric chemistry with Sha EK. Atop hard-hitting, stylish production, the rappers trade cutting, raw verses with charismatic deliveries that keep the listener engaged.

“Schemin” contains immense production built around imposing, ominous synths, booming 808s, and a crisp drum line that locks in an invigorating rhythm. Atop the powerful instrumentation, Spades and EK trade off sharply-crafted verses that crank the energy up to intoxicating levels, merging aggressive flows with dynamic inflections for an exciting listen.

“Schemin” finds Tay Spades continuing his run of potent East Coast hip-hop singles, assisted by Bronx standout Sha EK. The gritty track captures the energy of East Coast hip-hop while adding in trap flavors and drill flourishes.

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