The Bankes Brothers dive into jealousy and obsession on “How Long”

Emerging indie-rock quartet The Bankes Brothers touch upon jealousy and obsession on “How Long,” offering up a liberating combination of late-00s indie rock and country pop with powerful blues-rock infusions.

With simple and honest lyrics juxtaposing energetic melodies, the track offers a glimpse of their quartet’s upcoming debut EP In Waves, ushering us into an uplifting yet grounding sonic world. Written with intimacy and relatability framing the track equally, “How Long,” embodies the youthful high of a late-night romance and the blissful stagger home the next morning.

The track is accompanied by narrative-led visuals that takes the viewer on a journey through your average house party, where it appears Nelson Bankes (vocals) is drowning his sorrows.

Formed in 2017, drawn to each other by an irresistible musical chemistry, the four-piece have slowly and steadily built up an authentic indie rock artistry that manages to be welcomingly familiar and refreshingly genre-defying all at once.

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