The Narcissist Cookbook shares a raw and fearless album ‘This Is How We Get Better’ [Album]

The third album of The Narcissist Cookbook, led by Matt Johnston, is an exceptional display of artistic evolution, resilience, and vulnerability. The album, titled “This Is How We Get Better,” is a 12-track compilation that spans 41 minutes and 14 seconds, showcasing the journey of Matt Johnston’s self-taught musical career.

The album is a sonic journey that delves deep into Matt Johnston’s psyche. It features a range of eclectic sounds, from thrashy acoustic punk to hauntingly beautiful storytelling and uplifting resonance. The album is a testament to the power of self-acceptance, where imperfections are celebrated, vulnerabilities embraced, and fear confronted.

The Narcissist Cookbook’s identity intertwines neurodivergence, honesty, confrontation, vibrancy, and empowerment, creating an undeniable connection with a diverse audience. Matt Johnston’s unapologetic approach to songwriting addresses sensitive topics like mental health, non-monogamy, and abusive relationships.

The album is a bold proclamation of resilience, as Matt’s journey from the shadows to the spotlight has resonated with a global fanbase. The sold-out UK tour left venues buzzing, with meet-and-greet lines stretching for hours. The Narcissist Cookbook looks towards the future with plans for international tours and the release of a 40-minute compilation album, including the highly-requested “Courtney (Director’s Cut).” Matt is also crafting a new album, “MYTH,” that delves into codependency, fairytales, and a haunted children’s book-on-tape.

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