Tommy Richman won’t talk about ‘Last Nite’

LA-based artist Tommy Richman thrives on instinct and emotion, crafting his melodies straight from the heart. This DIY virtuoso has seen several of his tracks hit the multi-million mark, including the soulful “ELECTRIFY TONIGHT,” the infectious “Games,” and the electrifying “Chrono Trigger.”

His ever-evolving repertoire is a testament to his boundless creativity, with Tommy stating, “I feel like I switch up my style every four months.” Classifications and overthinking? Not in Tommy’s playbook. Instead, he follows his artistic intuition with unwavering dedication. It’s this authenticity that caught the attention of multi-platinum artist Brent Faiyaz, leading to Tommy’s collaboration with ISO Supremacy and PULSE Records.

Tommy’s latest offering, Last Nite, was released on August 25. The track adds to his catalog of versatile tunes, and goes even further as a statement of his creativity. More than just a song, it’s a raw, unfiltered snapshot of frustration, a moment so intense you can’t bear to dissect the night that came before. It’s the kind of cut that runs deep, too profound for casual conversation. A moment most of us know well, and probably aren’t very fond of.

Combined with a music video to really encapsulate that feeling visually, the entire project does it’s best to dive into the deep end of emotions. More than “just a music video”, Tommy Richman and visionary Lonewolf really took creative liberties with this one, to get their message across. It’s a visual masterpiece made to tug on your heartstrings, and a tribute to the audacious visionaries who fearlessly shatter the limits of visual storytelling, leaving an indelible mark on the artistic landscape.

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