The Stanford Family Band make a striking debut on “Love Me A Bit”

Brighton’s The Stanford Family Band unveils their enchanting debut single, “Love Me A Bit,” offering a taste of their upcoming 6-track EP on Goo Records. Fronted by the charismatic Elliot Stanford, the quartet’s music effortlessly blends a timeless charm, drawing inspiration from The Beach Boys and The Modern Lovers. “Love Me A Bit” melds vintage recording techniques with rich piano tones, guitars, boxy drums, and grounding bass under a wash of vibrant vocal harmonies.

Elliot Stanford, lead vocalist, pianist, guitarist, and songwriter, reflects on the song’s significance, written during a tumultuous period a few years back. Collaborating with producer Harry Hayes this time brought it all together, making it the perfect choice for their debut single. The track resonates with a sense of yearning melancholy, capturing the band’s collective effort.

No strangers to success, The Stanford Family Band has a history of coverage across tastemaker press, extensive radio play, and tours across the UK and Europe. As anticipation builds for their EP release, this debut single underscores their prowess as songwriters, creating memorable and charming melodic tracks that promise to leave a lasting impression.

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