The Stanford Family Band reveal debut EP, ‘For Your Listening Pleasure’

Brighton’s The Stanford Family Band is set to dazzle with their debut EP, ‘For Your Listening Pleasure,’ just dropped via Goo Records. Praised for their “timeless charm” and “colorful explosion,” the quartet promises an electrifying experience.

The EP, comprising six tracks, is a vibrant tapestry of nostalgic melodies and sunlit vibes. Led by Elliot Stanford, the band’s frontman, their sound fuses vintage pop with indie and garage rock sensibilities, drawing inspiration from icons like The Beach Boys. From the shimmering piano melodies to the vibrant guitar work, the band serve up a journey through bittersweet memories and nostalgic reflections.

Stanford shares, “We wanted this EP to embody our eclectic tastes—big, dramatic arrangements alongside cheeky country and garage rock beats.” Collaborating with producer Harry Hayes, they’ve crafted a sonic journey that captivates from start to finish.

Already garnering acclaim from huge tastemakers, The Stanford Family Band are making their mark and look set to grow even further this year.

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