The Velveteins yearn for more time in “Declarations of the 3am Freeway”

Canadian quintet The Velveteins find solace on long, lonely road trips in their new single “Declarations of the 3am Freeway.” With a hypnotic melody and touch of beauty, themes of nature appear throughout the track, with the band confiding how the foggy Pacific Northwest surf was a large inspiration for their sonic tapestry. 

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With a pulsating rhythm and glistening synths, the band captures the breathtaking imagery of the ocean, while wistful vocals ponder what the future holds. Their seamless fusion of nostalgic influences and modern contemporary sound, creates something which resonates with a multitude of listeners, putting them in a category all of their own. 

“Declarations of the 3am Freeway” is the title-track from their upcoming sophomore album and is the perfect example of what to expect, with the band delving deeper into more introspective and thought-provoking themes. Singer Spencer Morphy shares, “The lyrics are yearning, and more insightful than our past works. That longing sentiment is relayed perfectly on the title track “It all begins right now / it all begins in the car on the freeway.”

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