Thrillhouse unveils captivating album ‘Something About This Place’ with lead track “Big Tree”

Brighton’s Thrillhouse, comprised of the dynamic duo of Sam Strawberry and Jack Nielsen, is making waves in the music scene with their latest offering, the highly anticipated album, Something About This Place. This musical journey features the alluring lead track, “Big Tree.”

Thrillhouse’s musical identity defies easy categorization, seamlessly blending elements of alternative, indie, and a subtle touch of alternative country. Their experimental sound has garnered widespread acclaim from influential figures in the industry, including KEXP, Radio X’s John Kennedy, and BBC Introducing.

The name Thrillhouse, derived from a beloved Simpsons episode, carries with it a deeper sentiment—a yearning for simpler times amidst the complexities of the modern world. It’s a name that hints at nostalgia, humor, and a longing for a past that may be real or imagined. With ‘Something About This Place,’ their debut album featuring 11 distinctive tracks, Thrillhouse invites listeners on a journey back to the innocence of childhood. It’s a musical escape that transports you to a time before the weight of ambition, the sting of failure, and the shadow of regret bound dreams firmly to the earth.
What sets Thrillhouse apart is their unique ability to seamlessly blend heartfelt, sincere lyrics with a touch of humor. Sam Strawberry’s evocative vocals, reminiscent of Matt Berninger, gracefully soar above intricate musical landscapes composed of driving drums, warm guitars, sparkling synths, and infectious melodies. It’s a sonic experience that draws comparisons to renowned acts such as The National, Nick Cave, and The War On Drugs. Thrillhouse boldly challenges the boundaries of contemporary Indie music, infusing it with a post-punk edge and alternative undertones.

The lead track, “Big Tree,” serves as a perfect embodiment of Thrillhouse’s signature style—a harmonious blend of melancholic beauty, intricate musicality, and an underlying sense of driving energy.

The eagerly awaited album made its debut on August 25th, offering listeners an extraordinary journey into Thrillhouse’s unique sonic world—a place where nostalgia and modernity intertwine to create something truly remarkable.