Tim Young bares his soul in new single “Lavender”

New York artist Tim Young has just released his new single “Lavender” and it’s an emotional outpouring that will simultaneously capture your hearts and provide you with an intoxicating anthem you’ll want to keep on repeat. Armed with an emotionally-charged narrative, Young delves into a deeply personal and sincere exploration of a sudden and devastating breakup. 

Young shares, “My world revolved around him; I was completely consumed by my infatuation. When he abruptly ended our relationship, it shattered my world. I experienced a profound mental breakdown that led me to seek help. It was during this journey that I discovered I had unknowingly struggled with Bipolar Type II my entire life. This extreme circumstance pushed me to the brink and forced me to confront my inner demons. Thanks to therapy, medication, and the healing power of music, I have gained a deeper understanding of my own identity. This is why I feel ready to share this music now.”

Inviting us into his world, “Lavender” is built upon a swirling tapestry of sounds, where Young’s vocals soar atop echoing synths. Entering into a haunting and otherworldly chorus, the artist delivers a magical blend of melancholy and beauty, reflecting the mix of emotions that love entails, from the chaos and pain, to the vulnerability and sadness. 

Speaking about the title of the track, the artist explains, “The breakup inspired the song, and just as I was infatuated with him, he had an obsession with lavender. It permeated every aspect of his life, from his cologne to his baths and even his choice of smoke. The scent became inseparable from our shared experiences.”

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