Tom Ashbrook drops a stunning and emotive new ambient album “Nocturnes III”

Neoclassical artist and composer, Tom Ashbrook captivates us once again with his album Nocturnes. This collection of tracks immerse us into a world of melancholy and hope, giving us clear imagery for vast landscapes. Tom’s choice of instrumentation and chords have a signature style of vulnerability that allows us to step into his world, like no other.

Piano lead compositions such as previously released single, “The Blue Hour”, and new track, “Coloquial”, are followed by warm pads and strings in tracks, “Nocturne I” and “Winda”. To contrast, we are met with electrifying tracks such as “Nocturne in Eb Minor”, “Nocturne III” and “Under Same Sky” that introduce electronic elements like drums, adding an intriguing dynamic to the journey. Over previous projects, we’ve seen Tom dabble in the electronic music world and it’s something we’re keen to hear a lot more of in the future.

To showcase Tom’s versatility, an introduction of lyrics and vocals come into the mix for tracks, “For The Birds” and “Dawn”. The soothing stacked harmonies and melodies heighten these compositions to new levels. The whole album, creates a sense of yearning and hope in his harmonies and craftsmanship. The overall experience of the album takes listeners on a meditative journey, whether the tracks are envisioned as part of a motion picture soundtrack or enjoyed for their immersive qualities.

Tom Ashbrook tells us, ”Nocturnes is a collection of character pieces inspired by the falling of night and of the ‘blue hour’ . I wrote initial ideas of this concept all starting around 30 mins before sunset and half an hour before sunrise, having talked to my dance choreographer friend about the certain release of energies at these time zones, I wanted to explore this improvising and thinking what people would be up to in these bodies of time. The ending of the day and the beginning.”

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