UNA MIA drops steamy remix “Better Care” featuring Lekan [Video]

“Better Care” is a very popular song that has been listened to by millions of people worldwide. UNA MIA, a famous singer from Toronto who sings a mix of R&B and Pop music, has made a new version of the song with another singer named Lekan. The new version of the song is very good, and people like it.

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The two singers have joined their voices to create a beautiful sound. They sing about love, desire, and taking care of one another. The song is about wanting to please someone else and to make them happy. The new version of the song is even better than the original one, and it tells a story that many people can relate to.

The two singers became friends because of a unique challenge on a social media app called TikTok. They decided to work together and create something new and exciting. UNA MIA is talented and inspired by famous singers like Etta James and Aretha Franklin. Her music is very powerful and makes people feel strong and happy.

UNA MIA will soon go on a European tour with another famous singer, Eva Ruiz. People are very excited to hear her sing and see her perform. UNA MIA’s music is about understanding yourself and feeling good about who you are. She wants to inspire people to be confident and happy in their skin.

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