Vanessa Hillman delivers youthful love anthem "Tongue Tied"

Emerging talent Vanessa Hillman channels reckless romanticism on groovy single “Tongue Tied,” combining joyful pop sounds with lush R&B to hypnotize you. With her bold and melodic voice forming the crux of the sweet track, Hillman explores being so into someone that you’re happy to along with anything to spend time with them.

Oozing loads of charm and touches of sensuality, “Tongue Tied,” is the love anthem for anyone with a crush, prompting you with its layered instrumentals to play it on repeat and lose yourself in it. Channelling her penchant for song writing, a talent which she has developed from a young age, Hillman has steadily built production skills weaving slices of earworm harmonies framed by sassy vocals and empowering yet relatable messages

From singing at a local bar to quickly earning a strong reputation as a rising star with her debut single “Let Me Go,” this latest track establishes Vanessa Hillman as one to watch with the youthful vibes of her affecting pop soundscapes.

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