Vargen shares immersive live video for “Recordia Live” concert

Swedish singer-songwriter Vargen takes us on a journey of poignant soundscapes with an immersive live video for “Recordia Live” concert. Backed a full band and thought-provoking vocals, the enchanting performance offers his signature blend of gritty instrumentation and wistful lyricism in an alluring glimpse of each track of his self-titled album.

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An enticing 40-minute video graced with both original music and Swedish translation covers of classic tracks by Mark Lanegan, Duke Garwood and Bob Dylan, Vargen delivers heartfelt reflection wrapped up in his commanding and passionate musicality.

Speaking of the album, Vargen shares, “I wanted to make a story-telling album based on characters, dreams and loves – both made-up and non-fictional. I don’t really know how it happens. It might be a dream that lingers. It might be a memory or feeling that changes in an instant if put in a new light. Sometimes it’s just plain fiction.”

Drawing us into a hypnotic world where people, times, places – real or imagined – collide or combine, the album is yet another showcase of the expressive atmospheres and raw emotions that Vargen has been honing through his music in recent years as he gains acclaim, acceptance and success with his innovative style.

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