[Video] Michael Rice shares heartfelt and soulful offering “Big Boys Don’t Cry”

British pop talent Michael Rice tugs at our heartstrings with soulful offering “Big Boys Don’t Cry,” led by cinematic sonics and enchanting vocals. 

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A deeply personal exploration of Rice’s journey through music, the song captures the raw emotion and vulnerability of an artist navigating the pressures of fame and self-discovery.Brimming with heartfelt emotion that feels personal yet resonant, each note of the production rings with honesty and passion. 

With a signature musical style that channels his innermost thoughts into poetic slices spanning resilience, hope, and the power of self-belief, Rice delivers an empowering message to never give up on ourselves or our dreams, framed by a vulnerable yet unapologetic approach. 

Having established an inspiring musical presence rooted in candid storytelling and powerful vocals, Rice continues to chart a path of self-discovery and authenticity.

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