Viruette weave a tale of love at its breaking point on “Maimed”

Boston-based indie-rock trio Viruette weave a tale of love at its breaking point on “Maimed,” led by layered, vibrant sonics featuring wistful guitars, groovy beats and dreamy vocals line coming together around a lush saxophone section that elevates the number.

With touches of pop and jazz peeking through their melodic indie-rock stylings, the three-piece who have made a signature out of rich arrangements and intricate lyrical narratives continue to enchant us with their introspection on a couple plagued by instability, loneliness and drug.

A track that follows a narrator as he tries to come to his senses and break free of the dynamic only to be overcome by the trapping of the halfway-domestic, halfway-degenerate union, we’re drawn into an expansive sonic world.

Speaking further on the track, they say, “The song is about failures of will and human weakness; how doing the right thing is made so difficult when continuing on the wrong path can bring so much in the way of transient comforts, and how quickly our clarity of mind can evaporate in the face of temptation.”

With hit after hit to their name, Viruette has plenty more music in the works as they look towards establishing a solid presence in the indie-rock space.

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