Nora Lani shares a breath of fresh air with “Breathe”

Nora Lani, a singer-songwriter, has released a new single, “Breathe.” The song is a lyrical and melodious exploration of the depths of despair and the resilient fight for hope. Lani’s creative process is unique and is guided by the ebb and flow of emotions. She lets the music take the lead and her writing thinks.

“Breathe” delves into the profound struggle of navigating through conflicting emotions and transcending the tumultuous sea of despair to grasp the lifeline of hope. Nora Lani’s evocative lyrics serve as a compass, guiding listeners through the maze of self-discovery, urging them to ground themselves in the present and “breathe.”

The single captures the essence of being lost in the labyrinth of self-reflection, where the relentless pursuit of understanding oneself often obscures the simplicity of just being. Nora Lani’s soulful vocals, coupled with the emotive melody, create an immersive experience that resonates with the core of human vulnerability.

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