West London’s ava zarate releases confessional ballad, “O GIRL”

West London-based singer-songwriter ava zarate returns with her latest single, “O GIRL.”

Keeping it simple, “O GIRL” has minimal layering alongside to the singer’s magnetic and looming vocal. An honest confession, the lo-fi, bedroom pop jam features elements of hip-hop and R&B, with gripping instrumental moments that maneuver their ways to the deepest corners of your mind. Whether it is the steady backbeat or the repetitive, but sweet and loving lyrics, “O GIRL” carries the kind of on-repeat potential similar to Steve Lacy‘s early discography and Yellow Days‘ best works .

Produced alongside collaborator, Mom Tudie, the latest single came around after just one session in the course of a day. Despite its stream-of-consciousness nature and simplicity in production, “O GIRL” still showcases a fine tuned progression and well seasoned songwriting. The on-set for what’s to come for ava zarate, “O GIRL” will stay on your playlist till the artist’s next release.

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