Logan Avidan delves into procrastination on uplifting number “Tomorrow”

NYC rising pop/rocksinger-songwriter and model/actress Logan Avidan shares uplifting number “Tomorrow,” giving us a glimpse of her upcoming album Hot and Bothered with a lush mix of catchy melodies and sticky song writing.

Rooted in her signature pop and rock blend, the track comes to life as a procrastination anthem as she manages to transform her burden of expectations into something hopeful and light-hearted.

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Drawing from a relatable feeling of not doing enough or putting things off too often, the track urges us to not take ourselves so seriously as it reflects a playful and nonchalant energy that lifts us up and leaves us liberated and joyful.

Speaking of the track, Avidan adds, “The song came together fast. Once the vision was there, everything started moving. Simplicity was something we really wanted to work with for not only the production but also the lyrics and melodies. To create something that a kid can easily hum along to was a goal in producing this.”

With far reaching influences and a natural ability to channel the past and present into simple yet impactful sonic talents, Logan Avidan continues to set herself up as a force to be reckoned with.

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