Will Knox shares a raw holiday tale “Christmas Song” feat. néomí

Will Knox, a singer and songwriter, has released a new song called “Christmas Song” featuring néomí. In this song, Knox talks about his Christmas experience in Lisbon and how he searched for peace in the silent night.

The song was written with néomí, who is also a talented artist that Knox has collaborated with before. “Christmas Song” is a very personal story that talks about Knox’s struggle to express his emotions during the holiday season. The song has beautiful vocals from both Knox and néomí that sound like echoes in a church service on Christmas Eve.

Knox’s decision to stack their vocals in the chorus gives the song a unique and organic quality. It’s different from the typical Christmas songs and offers solace and understanding to those who may find the holiday season difficult.

Knox and néomí’s “Christmas Song” is a musical sanctuary for those who seek a different perspective on the holiday season.

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