Ships Have Sailed dissects relationships with thought proving “Walking Into Walls”

Los Angeles based indie rock meets indie pop duo Ships Have Sailed have just released their latest single. Called “Walking Into Walls” the irresistible piano driven song follows their single “Find My Way” shared earlier this year.

With “Walking Into Walls”, Ships Have Sailed take a deep look at the human relational experience. From the relationships we have to ourselves, the connection to others and even the world all around us, our own experience is shaped by how we view them as well as our own emotional responses. The song also specifically touches upon a relationship that someone can’t let go of, even though they know they should as it doesn’t serve them. Lyrics showing this theme include “Got me walking into walls / Trying to not call you again / This house is made of cards / We’ve disconnected / Stuck wanderin’ in the dark / Lost all direction.” Musically, the highly emotional and poignant theme is mirrored with melancholic rich piano chords, moody percussion and soul-baring vocals. The chorus is timeless in nature, cathartic as it is catchy. Ships Have Sailed have once again succeeded in creating a warm sonic embrace for anyone who feels alone.

The duo is composed of musician and singer/songwriter Will Carpenter alongside drummer Art Andranikyan. Since sharing music in 2013, the group has won the USA Songwriting Competition, had their music placed in the hit TV show Grey’s Anatomy and garnered a fervent fan base around the world. Take a listen to “Walking Into Walls” now and remember to value what brings you up and leave what doesn’t serve you.

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