XO TEAM drops summer party anthem “Reason”

TikTok entertainers and pop music act XO TEAM drop infectious summertime bop “Reason,”  built on groovy melodies of smooth basslines and lush synths to make for a dance anthem that seamlessly blends a vibrant and playful mood with more serious undertones of promoting women’s independence.

The energetic production which is performed by the female part of the XO Team is empowering and sassy all at once, while also serving as a dedication to the act’s fanbase who are an undeniable  “reason” they’ve carved a space for themselves in music.

With a sunny music video adding to the joyous yet purposeful sonic experience, the lush offering captures summer within its pool party sensibilities, simultaneously establishing the welcoming vibe that forms the foundation of the XO Team.

Started two years ago by Gary Grey and Mary Senn alongside 15 bloggers as a TikTok collaborative, the act has grown to represent distinct personalities, making for an expansive and inclusive space within music.

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