Yeat blurs the lines of reality and art in “Rich Minion” crossover [Video]

Irvine, California-born artist Yeat can best be described as an enigma, or a complete meme you want to root for, who is scorching the current scene doing trap music his way.

Yeat’s accomplishments don’t have to be represented by the commercial success of his last two projects- they can better be represented in his choices to advertise his art his way, including turning down major means of support such as performing at Rolling Loud and a freshman spot on XXL. He has added another accolade to the list: collaborating with The Minions franchise.

“Rich Minion” is far from a corporate soundtrack, and has the same energy and melody you’d easily find on 2 Alive or Up 2 Me. It showcases nothing but the highlights of what makes a Yeat song so addicting: a fast-paced instrumental with a sonically rich sample and brain-numbing chorus. Sprinkle in a few minion samples and all of which keep you engaged and having a good time in under three minutes.

The Minions, in addition to every other film of the Despicable Me franchise, has never strayed away from extra focus in the soundtrack department. Besides a few tracks from the first three movies that blew up on TikTok earlier this year, every movie soundtrack features some incredible additions. From the Pharrell– produced original score to the original songs contributed by the likes of Cee Lo Green and Robin Thicke, the soundtrack to all these movies is always enjoyable.

The Minions sequel, Minions: The Rise of Gru, takes a much different approach, providing an original soundtrack mainly consisting of covers from current artists. Although Yeat just doesn’t fit for a 70’s cover, his musical contribution still brings the same excitement to the film.

“Rich Minion” is technically not on the official soundtrack, but did get an official video collaboration with renowned production company Lyrical Lemonade.

The video is only an edited version of the film’s first trailer with a few nods to Lyrical Lemonade’s logo with Yeat playing in the background. Despite not being on the official soundtrack, the production company behind the Minions franchise co-signed, making it just a tad more special.

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