Young Gstar shares a heartfelt single “WAVEZ (Fláida Forever)”

Fast-rising international star Young Gstar returns with a new single, “WAVEZ (Fláida Forever),” a lighter-than-air quality with his delivery speeding through with reckless abandon. A stylistic release for Young Gstar, “WAVEZ (Fláida Forever)” is a piano-led lyric highlighting Gstar’s songs and love of singing. 

His latest single, “WAVEZ (Fláida Forever),” focus on romance, for love and affection cascade from each verse. Combining hip-hop, pop, and EDM all get filtered into the sound with a distinct neon-hued splendor. The word celebration proves accurate, for this is a song about what love means—pouring his heart into every inch of the music. His storytelling ability reveals absolute honesty, for it is impossible to resist the hooks he brings into the track. 

You are probably dead inside if you don’t find Young Gstar exhilarating. Simultaneously offering glimpses of the past and the future, the music defines true undying love. It has a warmth to it. Even at the very end of the piece, the reference to pop-punk’s rhythm emerges, showing a little of the influence of what he had successfully brought into the hip-hop realm in an entirely liberating, revelatory way. 

Stream Young Gstar’s “WAVEZ (Fláida Forever)” on Spotify.

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