Ziah Ziah explores synthwave and alt-pop on new single “Change”

UK-based artistic powerhouse Ziah Ziah (they/them), unleashes a wonderful take on synthwave and pop, with her latest single “Change.” In this electrifying blend of electronica and indie, they fearlessly defy musical norms, staying true to their manifesto: Break the mold. Delving into the enigmatic depths of human existence, Ziah, also known as Keziah, weaves a tapestry of raw emotions and familiar yet distinctly original melodies.

‘Change explores the shapeshifting that occurs in our lives, alongside the desire we constantly crave for more and the voices that hold us back from ourselves. We are constantly working as humans to line things up just so, but an unexpected event can blow it up or we get what we want and blow it up ourselves.’ – Ziah Ziah

“Change” pulsates with the resonance of iconic 80s synths and ethereal string arrangements, beckoning listeners on a transformative journey. Through her haunting vocals and evocative harmonies, Ziah invites us to explore the profound drama within ourselves, pushing beyond the surface into realms both dark and euphoric.

With a reputation for exhilarating live performances and avant-garde style, Ziah Ziah has captivated audiences and earned accolades from BBC Introducing. As she gears up for a forthcoming EP, “Change” stands as a potent testament to their boundary-pushing artistry, reflecting on the ever-shifting nature of life and the relentless pursuit of self-discovery.

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