44REEL lights up the drill scene with his latest tracks

In a bustling era where the soundscapes of New York City are constantly evolving, 44REEL is a name that reverberates with increasing intensity. As the Staten Island Drill scene gains momentum, this independent artist from Great Kills is not just participating in the movement—he’s leading it.

With his latest offerings such as “Please Don’t Run,” pulling us into his world of intense, gritty lyrics and catchy beats, 44REEL’s musicality has carved out a space as a  rallying cry for unity and artistic expression within the drill community while also offering vibrant celebrations of New York’s energies. 

Uplifting while still reflecting harsh realities, his resonant artistry sets the stage for a new chapter in the drill genre. With plans to continue with stunning collaborations as well as expand his creative horizons, including a new clothing line and aspirations to start his own record label, 44REEL is a multifaceted artist whose impact on the music industry is just beginning to unfold. 

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