Ziggy D’Amato releases summer EP ‘Maya Blue’

Ziggy D’Amato has shared his new EP, Maya Blue. This follows the success of the leading singles “Tina’s Nite Club” and “Damages” further establishing Ziggy as a rising talent in the industry.

D’Amato’s infectious style is characterised by bringing together melodies of pop, creative vocal harmony, and a ’70s flare to create a joyous and fresh feeling to his music. Throughout the EP his choppy guitar lines, driving drums, and energetic bass create a sunny indie-pop soundscape for his equally hopeful vocal performance to surf across. In both the rhythm and lead sections, Ziggy shows off his proficiency on the guitar.

Speaking on the project, Ziggy explains “The Maya Blue EP is a collection of five love songs. Reflecting on the joys of falling in love, the pains of unrequited love, the closure of old love and the celebration of the whole process. I consider them all pop songs but each track has a distinctive genre influence.”

With the talent to write, play, record, produce and mix all solo, you can see a real future for Ziggy D’Amato, with his songs capturing listeners and conveying a range of emotions and energies with equal amounts of mastery. This project is a bundle of summer fun and expert music creation.

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