Album Review: Sirens Of Lesbos – SOL

In a year, or what seems like longer, where moments of joy are hard to come by amongst the looming dread of everything that’s happening in our immediate existence – we look for music that reminds us of the freedoms we took for granted at live shows, parties and club nights. The new album SOL from Swiss-born 5-piece Sirens Of Lesbos certainly qualifies as blissful nostalgia due to it’s upbeat and joyful production as well as it’s retro hints at genres and musical culture from the past.

Comprised of a group of independent musicians in their own right, the Swiss funk architects formed after being challenged to write a cliche, Ibiza club hit as a joke. That track went on to massive club success, and formed the foundation of a musical collaboration which would birth the Sirens of Lesbos sound – a potent mix of electro, funk and pop with a uniquely retro influence.

Their unique style was spotted by producer Christo (credits include J Cole and Mac Miller) who worked with the band on furthering the production standard, creating the new album SOL. It’s an album that ebbs and flows between half-time, hip-hop anthems, inspired by the bands love of Mos Def and The Fugees – and groove-rich pieces of upbeat funk. Tracks such as "PALA" and "How Many Miles" bring a tangible level of fun to proceedings, with uplifting chord progressions and irresistible percussive groove. On tracks such as "Like Some Dream," "Two Faced" and the brilliant new single "Palm Trees," you can hear the bands love of old-school hip-hop, with the tracks having a distinctly lo-fi feel throughout.

The title SOL translates in Spanish to the word for "sun," which is about as apt of a definition as I can find for the whole album. It’s a joyful project, that oozes with the bands passion for their genre and craft. 

Get your copy of the album wherever you do that and listen below on a joyous weekend.