Ambient Meditations Podcast Vol. 6 – Featuring William Cashion of Future Islands

Ambient Meditations Vol. 6 – Future Island's William Cashion

William Cashion, bass player for indie darlings Future Islands, joins us for Vol. 6 of the AM podcast. His new album Postcard Music is out June 26th, just in time for some summer contemplation. His mix is an eclectic grouping of artists that in many ways feel almost like a companion to his new album. Sit back, let your mind unwind and enjoy Vol. 6.

Future Islands bassist William Cashion collects postcards. Being in one of the country's hardest touring bands often finds him rushing from destination to destination without time to take a deep breath, let alone be present in each locale's sights and sounds. But bringing home postcards helps coalesce ephemeral moments into souvenirs he can return to and access again.

In crafting his first solo record, Cashion experimented in the studio, driven by a potentially infinite riddle: "What is the sound of a song that has no beginning and no end?" Exploring music's unique ability to distort our sense of the passage of time—or even take us outside of it—Cashion welcomed elements of repetition and chance into his process. He was also highly informed by meditation, a new regular practice Cashion introduced into his daily routine during this period. The resulting album builds upon the most intriguing results of months of exploratory writing sessions.

Acclaimed UK designer Chris Bigg helped visualize the world of Postcard Music, and Cashion's wife, visual artist Elena Johnston contributed a painting to the album's inner sleeve. Cashion and Johnston have previously worked together on a series of collaborative paintings and brightly colored neon light sculptures.

The eleven songs were recorded in the Outer Banks, the Eastern Shore of Maryland, and Cashion's current hometown Baltimore.

Listen to pair of new tracks "Lightning Bug" and "Triple Ocean" HERE.

Postcard Music, along with the digital release, will also be released on vinyl via Famous Class Records. A limited edition blue vinyl is available for pre-order now and comes with a four-postcard set designed by William Cashion & Elena Johnston, which feature in the video released today. 

Pre-order the album HERE.

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